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Often one thing leads to another and that is exactly what has happened now. An occasional gig here and there led this duo to our very first own concert in Ikaalinen and to a 12-concert tour in Germany, organized by the Deutsch Finnische Gesellschaft in September 2010. The positive feedback we received at the concerts and frequent inquiries about a record made us convinced that we should do one.

In late October we went to the Be Pop Studio in Pirkkala and worked there for one full week recording and mixing the record. It was then that the idea of these home pages came to us. We wanted the audiences to find us not only in gigs but also on the internet. Fairyland – music from the homeland of tango was published in December and these pages were launched soon after that.

So, we are very happy to see you here as well! On these pages you can find information about us, our new record and how to order it as well as pictures, reviews and of course our contact information. Don’t forget to leave a message to our guest book!

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Minori-Tuotanto Ky, Finland
E-mail: info@tangotime.fi
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18.12.2010 Welcome to visit our new homepages!

09.12.2010 Fairyland - music from the home of the tango -CD was released at Café Mimmi in Ikaalinen

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